Our Thoughts--Problems on Planet Earth...

Take a minute...do a Google search (r)--type in "problems on planet earth"...how many hits do you get? We've done the same thing, researched problems and would like to share with you what we've discovered...

TD--1/15/2014: Overall, out of all of our global problems, I believe climate change is the worst. That includes global warming, global dimming, fossil fuels, sea level rise, greenhouse gas, ocean acidification, shutdown of thermohaline circulation, environmental impact of the coal industry, and other various environmental issues. Climate change has a significant impact on the sustainability of water supplies, and that impact will most likely increase in the decades to come. More than 1,100 countries will face higher risks of water shortages by mid-century as the result of global warming. More than 400 of these countries will face risks of water shortages. In the United States, the West Coast is more at risk for water shortages.


KS-1/15/2014: Our biggest issues today on earth are 1) Global Warming--temperature numbers are increasing and that's very scary for all of us. 2) Then there is our water crisis--we don't have enough fresh water for crops and people/animals/living things.  3) Recycling--we have gotten so bad about throwing away what we don’t want or don’t need we hardly recycle at all.  If  we come together and all try to save the only planet we have to live on before it’s too late to save it, then maybe,  just maybe, we can make the earth a better place for all living things!


EG-1/17/2014: A big problem on earth is drought--lack of water and loss of water due to water rights and transportation to other areas. Research says 2/3 of the population in the world doesn't have fresh drinking water. 


VR-1/17/2014: Our biggest problem here in the U.S. is that we are pampered. We use resources like water for things like toilets.  People in Africa are deprived of water. We also have a big carbon footprint. Instead of using our cars to go down the street we can go walking. Let’s face it, the U.S is known to have a big obesity rate.  Another thing is that we need to learn that we need to start being more preservative. I’ve been to many schools, and everywhere I go students over use paper. Trees are very important to provide oxygen, and take away the carbon dioxide. What were to happen if more than half the trees are cut down? These are the biggest problems in the United States. Concerned, VR



JR-1/17-2014: Our biggest world problem is ENERGY; we're using more and more! (I will study this and add more information.)


EM-1/17/2014: The biggest problem in the world I say would be Global Warming. The reason I say it would be global warming is because the earth is warming up faster than we thought. We also have thinner ocean clouds and that reduces its cooling impact, causing temperature rises over the course of the century. I've read articles that gave me this information.


JIA-01/16/2013--Water Pollution The biggest problem Earth is facing is water pollution. Each year there are about fourteen billion pounds of garbage being dumped into our oceans and water supply. This is causing many deaths in birds and aquatic mammal populations as well as people because they are drinking or trying to live in these polluted waters. Over fourty-seven percent of the lakes in the United States are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or maintaining life. This problem has become worldwide and is affecting more than one hundred million people because they cannot get access to  good water sources. The world has to come to their senses and stop allowing the dumping of unsafe materials into our water supplies before there isn't any clean water left.


JN-21 January 2014--The actions of human beings are causing a change in loss of biodiversity on our planet. Humans are destroying the animals and their habitats. If we continue, an animal can become extinct. This would affect our food chain, and way of life. It doesn't seem like a big problem but as time goes it can really affect us in the future. We need to take more care of our species and planet earth.


YC-January 23, 2014--One of our biggest problems with Planet Earth would be climate change. It is a big issue because people can’t even agree on whether or not it’s an issue in the first place. We all need to come to the realization that yes, climate change is real and it’s affecting us in all the ways it can see and feel. If you still believe that the crazy weather and heat waves we have been experiencing have nothing to do with climate change then you might want to ask someone what they think, because the majority of Americans now say they believe global warming is causing this.


MC-January 23, 2014--Our biggest problem on Earth will probably be the weather. Believe it or not, everywhere in the wold there is suffering from global weather crisis and we're part of that. People are suffering from no rain; they aren't really paying attention to it right now but later on they'll see how much it'll affect all of us.. We have to know how important the rain is now for the people who live in California and how crazy would it be just to pay $3 just for a bottle of water. So everyone should know that we'll be in trouble if we don't get some rain here as soon!


WJ-January 23, 2014--Dead zones are one of the top 10 environmental problems. A dead zone is where there is little or no oxygen in the ocean where marine life is not supported by oxygen and die. Dead zones are hypoxic (low oxygen) areas in the world’s oceans where marine life is not supported due to depleted oxygen levels. Since the 1st recorded in 1970, ocean dead zones have been on a dramatic increase. In 2008 the reported figure was 417 worldwide. The largest dead zone covered 70,000 square kilometers (27,000 miles. I used to live by one.


AA-29 January 2014--From my perspective the “Biggest Problem” is water pollution. The reason why I feel this way is because the water being polluted is causing animals to die, and people can’t even drink from the lakes or rivers without getting sick or dying. This is pretty serious because if this keeps happeing in the future we won’t even be able to even breathe or touch the water it will basically be like toxic waste. There’s already 40% of America’s Rivers and 46% of America’s lakes too polluted for fish, swimming, or aquatic life. Also 27% of the urban populations in the developing world do not have piped water in their homes. I know to a lot of people this seems like a joke but this is a serious matter. So while you’re laughing while you’re throwing your trash in the waters just remember there’s most likely a trash can ahead so think before you act, because a lack of safe water and sanitation in cities leads to some serious medical issues such as cholera, malaria, and diarrhea. The truth is ugly isn’t it? Hopefully this makes you think about how we should keep the water clean.


JH-January 29, 2014--Humans Are Earth's Biggest Problem. Humans are the world’s biggest problem because of the population growth--our world’s population is to about 9 billion or more. This means that soon we will have fewer resources than ever. Humans also cause air pollution which affects our environment. Air pollution can not only affect our air it can also affect soil and water. Humans also throw away their trash at any place that they visit; this can be very dangerous to animals. Also the trash that we are just throwing away is going into our oceans and it can cause animals to get trapped and die. On our planet there is not abigger issue than humanity.


CB-30 January 2014--I personally believe that the “biggest problem” on earth would be the lack of preserving our natural resources. Our natural resources are vital and without them the world could go into extinction. Some natural resources include water, oil, natural gas, phosphorus, coal, and other rare earth elements. Natural resources also include land and nature. There are several natural resources that are already on the verge of disaster. Such as the world’s oceans. They are on the brink of ecological collapse. And the destruction of our last remaining wild lands, which mean the loss of vast biological diversity. Not to mention the oil companies are in fear of reaching the peak of oil. So you see these things are serious, and there are numerous more problems with the world’s destruction of its natural resources. One measly little problem can turn into a ginormous catastrophe any moment. The more we don’t take action on this the more we put ourselves at risk in the near future.


SH-3 February 2014--There are alot of problems that people are complaning about; I think the worst one is littering. We need to tell people to stop littering that's why kids go to school to learn more about the earth. One of the most important things it littering we need to keep school clean to then imagine we always litter and there is nobody that cleans the earth.  Please people, help clean the earth and make it beautiful!


AR--4 February 2014--Biggest Problem--The Drought! Why a problem? 1) The cost of the water will go up more. 2) We will not be able to plant no more because the plants will not grow and 3) The species will all die and the humans will die too.


LR--10 February 2014--(Needs to be reworked before publishing...)


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