CS/HoM--Finishing My Unit in Science

You're almost finished when you've taken the test for your unit. Here's a checklist to complete after you've taken the test--

Name _________________________________________Date________CP___

Unit______________________________________________Due date________



[   ] _______1/Check the due date on the Unit Description Sheet. If you need an extension, see Steve.


[   ] _______2/Complete the self-reflection assignments in the lesson; attach copies if needed. Record your test score on the test page in the unit and attach the TVRS sheet. If you've not scored 70% or higher, study and retest.


[   ] _______3/CS/HoM---calculate the score and attach cover sheet and 5 unstamped CS/HoM papers to your unit.


[   ] _______4/BW Daily Assignment page in folder--remove from folder, average score and attach it to the unit.


[   ] _______5/Make a copy of the Unit Description Sheet page and attach it to the packet.


[   ] _______6/Steve will trade you a receipt for your completed unit. Get new unit--Click for Instructions.


[   ] _______7/Steve will review and calculate the grade for your unit and record it on his copy of your Course Description Sheet. Then, he will put the unit in your folder.


[   ] _______8/Record the grade and credit for completed unit on your Course Description Sheet, take the unit home and store it with your other completed units.


[   ] _______9/Take your receipt to Steve, get candy if you'd like, then put the receipt in the drawing tub for your period.


[   ] _______10/Continue working on your new unit.